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shop our site for a beautiful, custom piece that is a perfect gift or piece for yourself. to make it fair and level set expectations, here's how we have it set up to work:

1. all orders MUST be placed through the website to ensure production. if you messaged us on instagram, we will likely direct you to one of our listings to make sure you get in the queue. this ensures that there is no confusion, and our PUNCH crew (well, Logan and I) can get your pieces done in a timely fashion. If we have taken on your order via instagram DM or email, it will be worked on in between paid orders, with priority always being on orders through the website first. If you've paid for it already, we prioritize getting it to you in our specified time frame. If not, we work on it in between all other orders as time allows. 

2. while we check our DMs on instagram, we can't always keep up! the way to keep in touch with us is via email, or instagram as time allows. if we don't respond, it's likely because we are busy working on cool, personalized pieces for other amazing humans. we appreciate you and the time it takes to reach out! 

3. as demand continues to grow, we will shut off custom orders at points to make sure we can deliver on what our paying PUNCH people have ordered. as soon as we have capacity again, we will open custom ordering back up. (what counts as a custom order? everything in the PUNCH CUSTOM collection!) feel free to shop our other fun, sourced goods in the meantime. 

 thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for shopping PUNCH. we get such a kick out of seeing other fearless, amazing females in PUNCH gear. you are all the best, changing the world one game/playdate/birthday/baby at a time. <3