you read that right - buy PUNCH! as a creator, i've done enough self-exploration to know that my sweet spot lies in my ability to research, test & learn, and figure things out. PUNCH is now a three year old concept that has proven the need and market for cool, customized game day and family gear. my dream is not to take this thing big time; it's for someone else to. here are some stats: 

PUNCH is socially regenerative, with an important community give-back component. right now all proceeds are intentionally plunged back into the biz or into communities, but there are healthy profit margins available for scaling growth. 

PUNCH has the opportunity to stay small and self-sustaining, or model for large and scalable growth. both are awesome options, and the state where PUNCH is today would honor either. 

PUNCH has a tested and proven brick-and-mortar retail model that compliments the online and digital model, proving to be truly omni-channel. 

what do you get if you buy PUNCH? 

  • full rights to the name, and transfer of the DBA
  • full rights to the business model and all assets, digital and physical, currently owned by PUNCH
  • a handbook of "how-tos," from finding suppliers to clothing and accessory customization
  • me! (kelsey) on tap for up to the first 6 months as you get up to speed. I can be as in or out of the business as you would like.

Why are you selling? 
two main reasons:
ONE: my kids are getting older, and while this started as a way for me to have a creative outlet with them by my side, they are now leaning into their own activities which leaves little time to grow PUNCH, leading me to ...

TWO: PUNCH is ready to grow. the groundwork of figuring out a customization business has been done for you, as has growing a nationwide group of PUNCH fans, that have a steady stream of repeat business and word of mouth referrals. quite honestly, I can't keep up and it's not my destiny to take this thing full time. 

PUNCH has been one of the best and most beautiful projects i've ever worked on, and will continue to work on, and until I find a fully aligned buyer for the biz, i'll continue to pour my heart and soul into creating and curating cool designs for you and your home team. 

consider this me putting the thought into the universe. if you have been looking to get into a business you can take and scale with your family by yourside, consider this your sign. 

questions? want more info? reach out to it's me, kelsey, on the other end, and i'd love to chat more!