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the coolest hoodie in your closet is just a few selections away! 

have an idea but can't find the listing for it? look no further! customize your color, printing, and patches here. you can get as specific as you want, or let us do the layout/customization for you and be surprised and delighted! use the notes and numbers by corresponding patches to let us know what your vision is. please be specific if you have a preference of patches vs printing, colors, patch colors/arrangement, etc. if not, we will choose the best layout and colors for your design

example: "patches diagonal down (L-R), "LAKERS" in patches 14 and 10 (random). add gold stars in the open spaces for additional detail"

example: "i want something unique to my school - navy sweatshirt, size M with "Lakers" in navy/gold/black/etc. - whatever you think!"

TIMING: please allow 2-3 weeks for production before it will be shipped. we hand-make every single piece and spend a lot of time and detail in getting your custom PUNCH piece just right! 


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