behind the biz: where i find my blanks

behind the biz is a series of small nuggets of info on how this business works behind the scenes. 

hi friends! i'm a firm believer that a rising tide floats all boats, so today i'm sharing where i find most of my blanks for the shirts/sweatshirts i do. typically shipping and availability are the two things that i'm looking at, so while is the one i default to, i utilize if i need something quickly. they tend to be from a few cents to a few dollars more expensive per piece, but i am always trying to keep customization time under two weeks, so if they can get it to me more quickly, that's far more important than saving a few bucks. i also end up order her and there off of amazon, but that's only in a pinch. 

oh! important to know for these places - you don't need to have a formal business resellers license or tax id (though i have both), so if you're looking to create your own one-off piece, you can do it without forming a full on biz. 

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