how i get my patches to stay

hi friends! in the spirit of sharing all i know in case someone else wants to try their hand at jazzing up something on their own at home, i'm sharing exactly how i get iron on patches to stay. i've spent 2+ years perfecting my craft, testing/wearing/washing my own pieces before selling them, and probably most importantly, sending my kids to school and daycare with patches on their clothing and bags. if i've found the ways to have them survive kids + my laundry skills, it's the real deal.

here are the two main ways that i get patches to stay (integrated into the process when you order from PUNCH):

1. PRESSURE: i recommend that if possible, you use a heat press. i tried it with an iron (i mean, most are iron-on, after all) and eventually moved up to the cricut version, but no amount of pressure i can put on the patch can compare to the clamp down of a heat press. now, they're super bulky, but manageable, so if you're looking to start a business doing this, i 100% recommend getting your own. if not, steps 2 & 3 will help you truly make sure your patches will stay on.

2. LET IT SET: i am so impatient. i am always taking a look, double checking the edges, and trying to check that the heat press worked its magic before the patches are fully set. in almost all cases, the adhesive on the patch needs to cool and harden before you can handle the piece.

3. SEW IT ON: this is the real deal. i know it's a little annoying and tedious, but if you truly, TRULY want to make sure your patches will stay on your piece, pop a few stitches in there. you don't have to stitch around the whole thing, but if you want to ensure your product will last through washing, drying, and living life - add a row of stitches.

BONUS: if a patch ever starts to lift, just apply heat and pressure again. typically the adhesive will re-activate. this is where the few stitches come in handy - the patch won't completely remove.

ABOUT PUNCH PATCHES: my process looks much like the above - i use a strong heat press with plenty of pressure, have a specific cooling area where pieces can sit and "cure," and add a few rows of stitches to make sure they stay. you can trust that your PUNCH patch pieces will last through wash, wear, and everyday.